What Meets The Eye Analysis

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People have always been concerned about how they look. Some people say that beauty is on the inside but most people still judge others on their outer appearance. In these three essay’s; What Meets the Eye, On Being Cripple, and Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self, the writer’s talk about self-worth and how beauty is seen in so many different ways. All of these essay’s talk about how they want to be seen by the world but, each writer has a different idea.
Daniel Akst’s essay What Meets the Eye tells about the different ways people dress to impress. He tells about how people’s life style’s affect how they dress and vice versa. He mentions how the way people dress in an office is so that people will judge them as professional. He mentions something about how people judge by appearance more than personality itself. People dress professionally so they can be perceived as professional or they dress sporty so they can be perceived as athletic.
Nancy Mairs’ essay On Being a Cripple also talks about how people want to be
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She talked about how she was judge because of the scar and was made fun of. She never lifted her head up after the accident because she was scared of being judged. Walker wrote about how awful her life was until she got the scar removed. After she got it removed, everything changed. She was able to lift her head up, she got the man of her dreams, she was considered popular. All because she had the scar removed from her eye. One day she was looking at her very young daughter and the young girl noticed the spot in her mother’s eye, which is now a spot of blue, where the scar used to be. The young girl said “Mommy, did you know you had a world in your eye?”. At that very moment, Alice Walker realized that the scar on her eye is what made her who she was in the
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