What Happened In One Day?

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The number of the events that take place in every second around the globe is infinite. We live in a world where billions of people live and where hundreds of countries exist. Anything either positive or negative can happen in every passing moment around the globe. Moreover, there are some specific dates from the past in which many important incidents happened just in one day. It is probably not an easy task to explain all the main events that take place just in one day but the phenomenon called Media enables us to find out what main things happened only in one day throughout the world. The incidents that occurred in some specific days have shocked most of the world. 11 September 2012 is the day in which many disappointing and pleasant incidents took place in different parts of the world…show more content…
On 11 September 2012, a tourist bus crashed and killed two people and injured many others in France. There were about 68 passengers in bus who were mostly tourists. At least two people are dead after a Polish bus crashed near the eastern French city of Mulhouse. More than a dozen are seriously injured and several were trapped inside.( euronew) lastly, I think the killings of nearly 300 people in factories fires in Pakistan was another deadly accident of the this day. These firings raised questions about the industrial safety in South Asian Nations. Mostly in South Asian countries industrial safety has been not considered very serious which as a result such accidents occur. The owners of the factories were more concerned about the garments in the factory not about the lives of the workers. Fires at two clothing factories in Pakistan left 283 people dead – many trapped behind locked doors and barred windows – tragedies that highlight workplace perils in a country where many buildings lack basic safety equipment and owners often bribe officials to ignore the violations. ( Adil at el, par
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