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Introduction Goodmorning, I am Timothy Hui and I am here to tell you what not to do in Japan. Japan is located in Asia, east of China. The population of Japan is 127 million people which are around 5 times larger than the population of Australia. Japan has the lowest obesity rate in the world. Last year, Tokyo was the 13th most visited city in the world. Before I’ll tell you what not to do in Japan, I will tell you why you should go to Japan. Firstly, Japan has the lowest crime rate in the world which makes it a safe country for travellers. Also, there are many cultures and backgrounds in Japan and the people are very friendly and respectful. The food is cheap and healthy and there are many attractions like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal…show more content…
Do not eat and walk at the same time. The reason why is because there are not many bins in Japan. They are trying to keep Japan’s streets clean so you will normally see people eating outside of the convenience store because it has a bin near it to put rubbish in. Also, do not talk in trains because you can wake up people sleeping on the train. Some people do not get enough sleep from work so it is better to be silent. If you have a phone call, you have to cancel the call and when you are off the train you can call them back. This goes for most places in Japan, it can disturb them. Pointing in Japan is considered rude in Japan, even pointing if you are finding direction is still rude. It can make other people that you accidentally point to feel like they done something wrong so avoid pointing at all…show more content…
The main points in the rules you shouldn't do is walking and eating, talking on trains or calling on trains, pointing in general, don’t forget to take your shoes off, don’t do anything with the chopsticks and follow the rules in a shrine. Hopefully, you will stick to those rules because you are going to have many looks of disappointment in Japan. Therefore please follow the

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