What Occurred During The English Revolution

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The English Revolution, which took place in the mid-1600s, was one of the most violent and harshest revolutions in the history of mankind. Conflicts between members of Parliament and the King during this revolution were constantly weakening the country and something needed to happen to end it. Thankfully for England, the Glorious Revolution was a successful end to the English Revolution. During the English Revolution, there were disputes between the King and Parliament over three major topics. The first of which was their disagreements about politics. The King and Parliament had different views on how the country should be run, which is doomed to create problems. The second topic they could not agree upon was economics. This is so important because every functioning country needs to be backed by…show more content…
For example, Charles I believed he had full control over the military as shown by him housing soldiers in private homes and putting parts of England under martial law (when the military temporarily takes over the government). Parliament, on the other hand, believed the King could not house soldiers in private homes and that he could not impose martial law unless it was time of war. This was part of the Petition of Right, which the King signed, but then ignored. Parliament also believed they had the right to supervise all foreign policy as shown in the Nineteen Propositions. The King, however, made treaties with other countries without consulting Parliament. Finally, Parliament believed they should be called regularly by the King. This contradicted King Charles 's belief in divine right (he can do anything he wants). The Glorious Revolution solved these disagreements about politics by William and Mary signing the Bill of Rights, which states the King cannot keep the army in time of peace without Parliament 's consent. This document also states that the King has to call Parliament
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