What Of This Goldfish Do You Wish Analysis

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How do relationships with others show our true personality? The way we communicate with others, views how people see us. In the story “ What of this Goldfish do you wish?” by Etgar Keret’s. Shirley Jackson’s “ The Lottery” and Diane Glancy’s “ Without Title”. The stories explain how relationships can’t always be trusted even if we thought the person was trustworthy. Relationships with others help define who we are by showing our true personality. In the book “ What of this Goldfish Would You Wish?” Sergei’s relationships define who he is because of the decisions he has made. He was from Russia, and he is also Jewish. Sergei’s Parents didn’t approve of him moving to Israel.…show more content…
Sergei’s said to the gold fish “ he wanted to take you from me.” (Keret 6). “ Nonsense” (keret 6) the fish says. Sergei’s choices that he made had a huge impact on his life he has no one to get close to now, since all the people in life leave at some point. A situation I can kind of relate to in this story is when Sergei uses his last wish to save the boy’s life. Sergei didn’t even know the young boy so he was thinking to himself why should he use his last wish on someone he barely knew. I had 20 dollars with me because I was going to use it to go to the movies. But instead I saw a old lady sitting on the curb. I decided to give it to her because it seemed like she needed it more than I did. So I can relate to Sergei’s experience just being nice to someone and helping them out. The story “ The Lottery is about a small village that has a lottery once a year. Everyone thinks they might get picked to win money. But in reality someone gets picked to get stones thrown at them until they die. The reason they have the lottery is that the people think if someone dies once a year they will have one less mouth to feed so that would mean more food. The relationship between Mrs.
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