What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish Analysis

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If you had the chance to have any three wishes granted, what would you wish for? In the stories ‘What of This Goldfish’ and ‘The Fisherman and His Wife’ two men were given a certain amount of wishes. Of course, the wishes came with consequences, and the characters had to have had a reason to wish of these wishes. The stories are similar and yet different in many interesting ways, and are both overflowing with hidden themes and morals. The characters of both stories made some good and bad choices for their wishes; wouldn 't you! In the fictional short story ‘What of This Goldfish, Would you wish’, Sergei Goralick, a Russian hermit living in Jaffa, was fishing on one of his valued late night fishing trips, when he caught a magical goldfish that granted him three wishes. He uses his first two wishes in order to help his friends, but is hesitant to use his last. Sergei knows that when he uses his third wish, he has to let his goldfish, who is now his best friend, free. One day, a boy named Yonatan comes to Sergei 's home, and asks him questions about what he would wish for. The boy then goes towards Sergei 's magic goldfish, and Sergei thinks he will take the fish. He makes a choice to hit the little boy with a burner, which kills Yonatan. Sergei decides that, even though he will lose his best friend, he should use his last wish to bring the boy back to life. The moral of the story is that you should do the right thing even if it has a cost. This is portrayed because

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