What Opportunities Made Cinemex's Success Possible?

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What opportunities made Cinemax’s success possible? Did these opportunities last? The recent explosion of competition amongst movie theaters tends to stem from various factors that can affect the market. Factors such as consumer demand, customer amenities, the economy, convenience and price. For Cinemex this played a vital role in its decision to create a distinguished brand that was appealing to the general public. Cinemex’s brand focuses on the core principles to deliver an exceptional movie theater experience. For Cinemex, they understood they could enter the market strong because of their differentiated product and services, which include digital sounds, enhancement lightning features and exit signs, comfortable seating, more experienced staff. They also offered convenience where their customers could book over the phone or through the internet. The demand for their product was high given its investment into the core features to enhance the customer experience. All these initiatives and changes has enabled Cinemex to increase its sales, develop a…show more content…
When competitors introduced their 2-for-1 pricing tickets, it did not have a huge impact on Cinemex until weeks after. The financial impact that occurred stems from Cinemex lack of actions to properly identify the best decision to compete. Once the newly priced ticket was introduced, Cinemex’s demand curve shifted. The price of their ticket and quality of their services did not attract customers to stay. Movie goers were more inclined to not pay for the high cost of movie ticket when they could get a similar service and same product cheaper elsewhere. Additionally, if competitors increased their supply by offering matinees during the week or more shows, it would have a greater impact for Cinemex. How large was the impact of Cinemex’s own 2 for 1 ticket on its average ticket price, total revenue and ticket
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