What Purpose Do Reflexes Have In Newborns

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1. What are reflexes? Reflexes are built in reactions to stimuli that govern the newborn’s movements, which are impulse and are beyond the control of the new born. 2. What purpose do reflexes have in newborns? Reflexes are genetically carried mechanisms that allow the infants to respond to their environment before they have the opportunity to learn. 3. Rooting Reflex: This occurs when the infant’s cheek is stroked or the side of the mouth is touched. An example is when the infant turns its head in search of something to suck. Sucking Reflex: This happens when an infant automatically sucks something that is in its mouth. This enables the new born to get nourishment before they associate the nipple with food. Grasping Reflex: This occurs…show more content…
The Cephalocaudal Pattern is a developmental sequence in which the earliest growth occurs from top to bottom. An example is size, weight, and feature differentiation, which works from top to bottom. 5. The Proximodistal Pattern is a developmental sequence in which supports that growth starts at the center of the body and move towards the extremities. An example of this pattern is infants control their trunk and arms before they control their hands and fingers. 6. Gross Motor Skills are movements that involve large muscle activity such as moving one’s arm, crawling, or walking. The Gross motor movements are usually one’s that the parents are so inclined to share when their child has developed a new activity. Fine Motor skills involve tuned movements. For example, grasping a toy, using a spoon or fork, buttoning a shirt, or even putting a puzzle together. At birth infants have hardly any control over fine motor skills. 7. 1. Hold Head Erect: Occurs within a few weeks of birth. 2. Sit while being supported: This occurs by two months of age. 3. Sit independently: Happens around 6-7 months of age. 4. Standing: This usually develops around 12 months of age. 5. Pulling themselves up to hold on to something: This usually occurs between 8 and 9 months of age. 6. Standing alone: At about 10-12 months standing alone can

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