What Qualities Make A Good President

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What does make a good president? A good president isn 't because of his or her looks or family history. A good president is a person who is humble but speaks their mind. They are not afraid to say what they think even if it makes people dislike them. They follow what their heart says and chooses that answer. They stay humble by not bragging about their accomplishments. Especially, becoming the president of the United States of America.
Secondly, another example of a good president is an intelligent one. A president needs to be smart to make the right decisions. Also, to know the people, places, and laws of his or her country. Next, intelligence is a good quality when you are meeting with other world leaders. You would not want to walk into a meeting and not know anyone 's name or where they come from. Intelligence also shows someone that you care and are capable of doing great things.
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Thirdly, another quality is the way you present and talk to somebody else. Someone who is shy is not the right fit for president. You can not be shy because you meet with hundreds of people a day and have to speak as well. Also, it is good to have a social life too. Going out and meeting with citizens will help you become more popular. Yet, it is not going to make everyone love you.
In conclusion, it make the right person and the right qualities to make a good president. As long as you have these qualities, you will succeed as a person and
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