What Role Did Geography Play In The Rise Of Rome

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Lia Hansen
The Rise of Rome

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“What role did geography play in the prosperity and defensibility of Rome?”:
The role that geography plays in the prosperity and defensibility of Rome was that it played an important role in development.

“How did the Romans gain support for their empire?”:
How the Romans gained support for their empire was because they believed that their earliest ancestors were successful by their sense of duty, courage, and discipline. This gave the Romans to be good diplomats, having their own state-run their own internal affairs, and extending military matters while also having accomplished soldier. The Romans also built roads to move troops to their territory.

“How did the differences between plebeians and patricians prevent Rome
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Thousand of men, women, and children were sold into slavery, and the territory of Carthage became a Roman province that was called Africa.


4. “Describe the significance of the Twelve Tables and the Law of Nations.”:
The significance of the Twelve Tables was that it was Romans first law that was adapted in 450 B.C. It was a code that consisted of a simple farming society. From this Law, the Romans developed a more advanced system of civil law. The significance of the Law of Nations was that it was based on reason. This was to set up standards and justice that applied to all people.

5. “List ways in which the Greeks influenced the Romans.”:
How the Greeks influenced the Romans is that they cultivated olives and grapes, passed on the alphabet, gave the Romans artistic and cultural models through sculpture, architecture, and literature.

6. “What was the importance of the Senate and other assemblies to the Roman
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