What Role Did Rainsford Play In The Most Dangerous Game

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Q: If Rainsford from “The Most Dangerous Game” went home and admitted to his involvement in the story and was put on trial for General Zaroff’s, what do you think would be the outcome? Rainsford murdered a human, everyone has their own opinions on whether it was right or wrong. Rainsford was helped off the island and Rainsford felt guilty so Rainsford confessed to killing General Zaroff. Rainsford was put on trial for General Zaroff’s murder, If the judge sees what Rainsford did as a homicide then Rainsford will be put in jail but if the judge see it as surviving then the judge might feel differently. But I do not think Rainsford will get away with no punishment because either way he murdered a human being. For Rainsford, killing Zaroff could have been just to win “The Most Dangerous Game” or for survival because General Zaroff would have definitely killed Rainsford if he saw him again. Was Rainsford’s murder justified?…show more content…
Rainsford is a competitive hunter just like Zaroff so there is a possibility he killed Zaroff because he is stubborn and wanted to win, which would lead him to be guilty and have a more intense punishment. In the end I think even if it was for survival rainsford will have to serve some jail time for his actions. I believe Rainsford should serve some jail time because he did push Zaroff’s body off the window and let the dogs eat his flesh, pushing Zaroff’s body off was unnecessary but the actually murder has its own punishments. Do you think he should be in jail for murdering Zaroff even if it was for his own protection?, keep in mind that Rainsford would be guilty for many things he has done as
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