What Role Did Religion Play In The Civil War

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Religion played a big role in the civil war. Both the north and the south believed that God was suporting them. They thought that whichever one won, meant that God wanted them to win. The blood shed was seen as a good thing on both sides. The north believed that the more blood was shed the more cleanse we will be of our sin. As for the south, blood was necessary in order to win the war. Also, a new religion was formed in the camping grounds questioning whether the soldiers really believed in God. Finally, religion path the way for African Americans to finally be free.
Initially the North joined the war to save the Union. They saw themselves to be humanity salvation. They believed that they were not fighting just for themselves and for what they believe in but rather they were
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The South claimed to be a Christian nation. There national motto is Deio Vindice which mean that ‘God will avenge’ (Stout). The south believed that the war was the time for them to depend on God and to allow the world to see that they are under his protection. The church geors in the south saw the war as a holy war. Women in the south also believed that they were doing God’s work by remaining at home and taking care of the house and family while their husbands were fighting the war. In addition, the South believed that slavery was bestowed on African Americans as a punishment from God. The South churches and minsters strongly believed that slavery was good and God wanted slavery to continue. As for in the military camp a new religion came to arise the “Lost Cause”. Many argued that there was no atheist in the battel field because at the spot of death many ended up believing in God. In the south religion was the backbone of the civil war. For African Americans in the south religion gave them their freedom, and empower them to educate themselves and to strive to become leaders and to make a
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