What Role Did Stamp Act Play In The Life Of The 13 Colonies

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It was the year 1765, and our 13 colonies were not too thrilled. My family are the Keaheys--Meghan, Liam, Mama, and Dada. My family lived in New York, NY, and we heard quite a bit about the Stamp Act. It started on March 22, 1765. The British Parliament imposed a tax on all American colonists. They required them to pay this tax on every piece of printed paper they used--ships papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Even playing cards were taxed! The colonies were supposed to buy paper from Britain that had an official stamp on it which showed they paid the tax, hence it became known as the Stamp Act. The tax collected from the Stamp Act also allowed the British to pay for the French and Indian War.
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