What Role Did Technology Play In Ww1

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Through the course of World War 1, technology has seen a rapid advancement and played a major role within the war as well. One specific type of technology that we truly saw advance and contribute to the war, were aircrafts. At the beginning of World War 1 no one would ever imagine aircrafts would play a big part in the war as much as they did and some even believed aircrafts were not cut-out for war. French Army Marshal Ferdinand Foch stated “The aircraft is all very well for sport- for the army it is useless”, but wasn 't he wrong.

The war first started with the use of large ships called Zeppelins. Zeppelins struck a lot of terror in the eyes of many as they believed, zeppelins would bring death and destruction towards any city it raids. Zeppelins, also referred to as balloons
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A reason there was never a real shortage of pilots and observers was because while in training school many learned the harsh reality of trench warfare, and many even asked for a transfer to the Royal Flying Corps, the British air arm of the British Army. For example, one person that decided to change to the Royal Flying Corps, was Canadian William “Billy” Avery Bishop. After Bishop had learned all about the dangers that take place within trench warfare, he quickly asked to be transferred and that was possibly one of the smartest things done in WW1. Billy Bishop had second most downed enemies with 72 in WW1 only to trail the Red Baron. Billy played a huge part in the growth of Canada as an independent country, he demonstrated excellent initiative and showed that Canada is a strong country, and one that shouldn’t be messed with. Later Billy Bishop was awarded with the Victoria Cross for his brilliance and bravery. Today, he is still one of the best aces ever and the best in Canadian

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