What Role Did The Crusades Play In The Idea Of Europe Essay

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2. Assess the role of the Crusades in the idea of Europe. The Idea of Europe had a very extreme aim to form “a common European identity,” and their base principles were “Christianity and democracy.” In this manner, the ones having this idea were violent to other nations, religions, regimes, and states, such as Ottomans, Islam, Empire, and Communism. This discrimination emerged from thinking differently and selfishly against other beliefs, religions, and “cultural practices.” Especially, Islam was the problem for Christians, and in this manner, “the military needs of the crusader states placed the papacy in a situation of normative antagonism toward the Islamic powers of the Middle East.” Then, the Crusaders shaped themselves and found their…show more content…
In this manner, the Europeans formed the Crusaders against the Turks and Muslims to retake the places known as holly and spread Christianity and European culture all over the world because “the twin legacies of early medieval missionary activity before the year 1000 and of monastic reform in the eleventh and twelfth centuries provided the conditions for translating ideology into practice.” In this manner, the religious missions focused on influencing on other peoples’ faith to convert them into Christianity. Other controversial thing was about the understating of the diversity, and this understanding did not happen as it was supposed to be because an understanding of the diversity would help states to live longer. And understanding of the diversity of the multiculturalism is to respect to other ethnic and religious groups, so the idea of Europe was against this concept, too. Another controversial thing was the Islamic belief of Jihad. According to Douglas E. Streusand, Jihad means “holy war” as a usual usage of the word in the Islamic

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