What Role Did Women Play In The Civil War Analysis

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In both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, women played a vital part to the success for both wars. Whether women were boycotting their current king, assisting with the soldiers or physically fighting in the war, the outcome was the same, no rewards were granted to the women after the last battle was fought. Women contributed greatly in both wars, but unfortunately, were not acknowledged like male counterparts. From the very beginning of the Revolutionary War women played an important part to help the colonies gain their independence from Great Britain. During the early years of the American Revolution, women made a counter group to the Sons of Liberty, called the Daughters of Liberty. Instead of becoming violent, they encouraged people…show more content…
Many of these women were wives of soldiers and some were single women that were able to make a living off the war, either way women were contributing their labor to the men that needed it the most. Women, like Molly Pitcher who took her husbands place and fought in the battle of Monmouth Courthouses, Debroah Sampson Gannet who disguised herself as a man to be able to fight in the war, and other brave women risked their lives at a time no man even regarded their existence. Although, women donated many hours, the political division between male and females remained divided. Along with the Revolutionary War, women contributed greatly to the Civil War for both the Union and the Confederate Armies. Thousands of women made careers out of being a nurse due to the Civil War and many volunteered their time to aid the wounded soldiers. Women also contributed their home skills by sewing and knitting items for both armies that were necessities. Also, the women who decided to stay behind with their families, unlike in the Revolutionary War were able to be the sole provider for their
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