What Role Did Women Play In The American Revolution Essay

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In the United States, Historians and people in the public, look at the American Revolution as the first key step to creating the American Nation. With War came many struggles for families. Men indeed were forced to fight in the war, but what about Women? Along with men, Women were also a major part of the war. To be part of the war, it was not necessary that they had to be fighting. Any part played in the war was a major one. Women would stay home and take care of the children, and if needed help their husbands fight. Women were nurses and housewives. Women were in big demand as nurses because the bloodshed had become too hard to handle. But do women often get credit? Or recognized for what they have done? The essay explains how the role of women, during the American Revolution was underestimated and they were not given much recognition. Women had an extensive role …show more content…

Books and articles have contributed to showing the contributions women made to their country and their people. First I present, what the typical role of women in society was and what they were expected to do for their families. Second I will show how woman were a major part of the Revolution, using Paul Engle’s book Women in the American Revolution which displays the struggles women went through everyday. He quotes “They recognized death’s face staring through the windows and its footsteps shuffling down the trails behind them. Disaster walked hand in hand with them.” If the men were out fighting for the protection of their country and people, women were home protecting their families and homes. I will use various articles such as: Remembering the Ladies, Women and the American Revolution, From eavesdroppers to secret agents: women spies of the American Revolution, and many more. These articles as well as the book represented the hardships women went

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