What Role Did Zeus Play In Greek Mythology

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Greek mythology is one of the lesser known religions of the world. As of nowadays, Greek Polytheism is known as Hellenism. With a startling fact, Zeus had over 100 wives. Hellenism can be quite a perplexing, but it’s really simple, actually. When it comes to Family, Hellenism has an abundance of it. Apollo, God of the Arts, Has fifty members just on his side. One of which is Artemis, Goddess of the hunt.

There are so many gods and deities there’s someone for literally everything. Demeter is the goddess for soil. This can’t be made up even if someone tried. But, above all, Uranus was the one who started it all. Him alongside Gaea, Mother Earth, created the titans. They ruled Earth until the gods were given birth to and Stripped the titans of their, well, Titanic rule. If one were to think about it, as Mads Mikkelson said himself, “I know a little about greek mythology. It’s not that far away from Nordic Mythology.” (Mads Mikkelsen)
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Zeus would be the equivalent to Odin, because they’re both the chief gods, or he would be the equivalent to Thor because they are both gods of lightning. Odin would also be the equivalent to Ares because they are both gods of war. And finally, Freyja would be the equivalent to Aphrodite Because they are both Goddess of love and beauty. The list could continue, but it’ll stop there to save time. So, with all of this information, one can see how it’d be

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