What Role Do Men Play In The Victorian Era

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The role of men in the Victorian Era was to be the provider for his wife and kids. Another role was to teach the son all he has to recognize for adulthood. He would teach him this so he can get married and have kids, and to receive a proper job, a decent house, and so he can be a wonderful future provider for his impending family. Another role is to be the protector of his family. If someone breaks into the house he is not going to send in his wife or kids to try to defend him and his equipment, but instead he will push out there and defend his wife and kids from the burglar against each threat to his family even if he has to risk his own life in the process. Men of the Victorian Era were expected to act a certain way, think a certain way, and dress a certain way. Victorian men did several professions such as riggers, ship builders(big ships), boat builders(small boats), fishermen, and…show more content…
An unfamiliar addition to outfits for men in the Victorian era is the overcoat. A person named Gabriel, said to be the most elegant man in Europe, was stuck in a rainstorm one day. Since Gabriel was stuck in a rainstorm, he bought a paletot from a sailor; before he knew it the garment was accepted by the dandies(elegant men who decide the fashion of the time). A paletot is a French men 's topcoat etymologically derived from the Middle English word paltok, meaning a kind of jacket. It is a semi-fitted with fitted coat with peaked lapels, a flat back, and no belt. “A smoking cap or lounging cap was popular as informal gentlemen 's wear in the late 1840s through the 1880s. They were originally worn to keep the head warm in drafty rooms, but continued to be in style long after improvements in heating eliminated their necessity.” (Victorian Magazine) It was considered impolite to appear in front of a woman other than his wife in his shirt sleeves. This meant Victorian men nearly always wore an informal sack
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