What Role Do Populars Play In Today's Society

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The elites and populars have very different views on just about everything. The elites believe that the non voting portion of the population is a normal and understandable thing. The elites use the argument that "many people don 't vote, they contend, because they lack interest or knowledge that is necessary for politics, or they are too busy with personal affairs, or too easily confused by the complexity of modern issues and politics" (page 123). Which basically could be used to sum up why anybody decided not to do something, whether it be lack of interest or too busy or being content. The elites also believe that having a group of people who do t vote prevents an "overload" of demand, which to me doesn 't make sense because a de,pro racy…show more content…
The populars have a quite different view than the elites. "First, they argue that broad voter participation is fundamental to the ideal of representative democracy. therefore, our low participation rates are unacceptable" (page 124). Those two sentences do a very good job of summing up the view of the populars. That basically you are un-american if you don 't vote, and you should grab yourself by the undies and drag yourself to the poll booths of you want to be American. I don 't think the populars have a very good argument being that they want a 100% voter turnout. And if you know anything about the human race, it 's almost impossible to get every single person in a group to do something until you have them at gunpoint. And even then you will still have a few people who would rather take the bullet than do what they are being told. To sum up my opinion, I don 't think the populars have a very solid argument, but I do believe that as a country, we should have at least a 75% voter turn out. Especially because that when only 1/2 the country votes and the person elected turns out to not be the best, you will hear everyone and their mother bitch and moan about who was elected. So I would say I would tend to agree more with the elite view, being I do believe there should be more people voting, who am I to force someone else who has no interest in taking part in voting

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