What Role Do Women Play In The Rock And Roll Industry?

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Everyone loves music, don’t they? Or at least grow up listening to it? I Sold My Soul to Rock and Roll by Kristina Gray, the text I read, made Rock and Roll seem controversial to the common comprehension I already had on this "loud" and "raucous" genre of music. In my mind, rock stars have crazy fun nights and they partied on every tour they adjourned. Gray conveyed how the lives of men in the rock and roll industry really are, because of this I agree that women are not portrayed accurately in this category of “white music," and I say this because I am studying women's feminism. I roughly understand the waves of feminism. Throughout the text, Gray explains what role women play in the Rock and Roll industry, and how black girls have no place in the hierarchy.…show more content…
Men are the head of the hierarchy and possess the majority of the power. For instance, the text explains that "White men were the men in charge... Their job was to piss off parents, wear the flashiest outfits, play the hardest riffs, do the hardest drugs and fuck as many white girls as possible.” This frame of mind did not throw me off because I've heard of this ideology before. Men receive higher wages than a woman and white men get more power than the minority. Only now it transgresses into the music industry it's encouraging the ideology. I don't agree with this frame of mind in any
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