Macbeth Ambition Essay

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Ambition has a major role in the play Macbeth. One of the main things for a character such as Macbeth. Ambition lead him to commit the murder of Duncan, and losing Everything he had. In the beginning of the play Macbeth celebrated as he was brave soldier as he rewarded. He becomes the thane of Coward, as predicted by the three witches. Since Macbeth has got his prophecies of getting all the power, which that lead him a striving man. The three witches (the weird sisters) had gave him the prophecies which turned Macbeth into a single- minded and ruthless man. An encounter with the three witches’ changes everything to Macbeth, Macbeth premonition said “shalt be king hereafter,” (Shakespeare 1.4 22-24) Which triggers ambition and murderous consequences. Which saying everything will come …show more content…

like in scene one and two, is where we first see the desire of the power climbing to Macbeth. Which in reality Macbeth had no reason to kill Duncan, Duncan was just amazing at being he being selfish and wants all the power for himself. Macbeth committing the murder of Duncan was under the influence if the three witches. Guilt cause him a grate a great deal og mental and anguish and leads him to hallucination’s. Now the motivation of Macbeth has grown more to have it all. As the play continues ambitions starts growing more and more. Just like ross said “gains nature still!” “Thriftiness ambition, that will be raving up thine own lives means then most likely the sovereignty will fall upon Macbeth.” (Shakespeare 2.2 34-39) Now you can see that all the characters are noticing Macbeths its turning into a malicious and ambitious person. To concluded, Macbeth through the whole play you can see his desire rising more and more. The witches’ prophecy dud wrong to Macbeth and made him ending up in a bad place which its death. Ambition didn’t leave anything good him. He committed murders and even lead him to lose everything he

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