What Role Does Atticus Play In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In this chapter, it seems that Atticus won’t win the Tom Robinson case. Atticus tells Scout about the fight he lost that he could not win. It was morally correct. Atticus is used to having situations where no one wins. The kids get air riffles for Christmas as a gift from Atticus. He later realizes that the kids will kill animals. He doesn’t teach them how to properly shoot a gun. He tries to made a courageous defense even though he knows that the jury will convict Tom. Jem and Scout think that because Atticus is a little older, it stops him from doing what some other dads can do. Since they saw him shoot a dog, they think differently about him. Mrs. Dubose made a mean comment that caused Jem to ruin her flowers. Atticus made him apologize
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