What Role Does Beowulf Play In A Hero's Life

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A hero goes above and beyond to help others as well as themselves. Heroes complete the tasks given to them without excuses. A hero only tries to outdo no one but themselves.A person possessing heroic traits does not always get acknowledged. Heroic tasks cannot always be fought close to home. Heroes refrain from bragging about themselves or their accomplishments. Supernatural friends or foes often interfere with a hero 's life. Heroes prove to be an influence on our lives to put others first and work our hardest. A hero proves to be a great warrior especially in physically known battles. Although Achilles did not spend as much time as Hector battling in the Trojan war, he avenged Patroclus’ death towards the end of the war. Achilles fought…show more content…
Achilles remained at the ships until Patroclus died in Achilles’ armor. Achilles went into battle as soon as he received new armor.(Homer, XVI) At one point Hector remained the only Trojan left out of the wall. Hector convinced the soldiers to stay outside the wall for the night. This proved to be a mistake. Hector felt too ashamed to join the Trojans in their flee home.(Homer, VIII) Beowulf refrained from bragging and boasting. Beowulf helped others in need; therefore, he did not put himself before others. Beowulf raced Breca in a swimming match. Breca won the swimming race; however, Beowulf continued to race Breca while killing sea monsters. Beowulf killed a total of nine sea monsters. (Unknown) Hamlet performs the tasks that his father wanted him to perform. Hamlet acted insane in order to successfully perform these tasks given to him. Hamlet successfully finished these tasks on his own. Knowing he must do this on his own, he went forward with his word to his father. (Shakespeare, Hamlet: The Prince of…show more content…
Achilles developed into a demi-god by his mother at a young age. Achilles possessed an advantage over other warriors of strength and power. (Littrell) Athena assisted Hector in the duel between Achilles and Hector. Athena disguised herself as Hector’s brother; however, Hector knew the presence of a god or goddess appeared to help him. (Homer, XXII) Beowulf battled several different monsters. He defeated each one he fought without help from anyone. (Unknown) Hamlet seen his ghost father early in the poem of Hamlet. King Hamlet helped Prince Hamlet when he spoke with his mother regarding Claudius’ crimes. King Hamlet assured Prince Hamlet would not hurt Queen Gertrude. Hamlet often fought his own conscience of his love for Ophelia, and hatred for Claudius. (Shakespeare, Hamlet: The Prince of Denmark) The absence of heroes in our lives proves to be a matter of opinion. My father and sister have always been my heroes. My father constantly worked to finish tasks for my family in order to benefit us. My father never had to decide whether or not to help my family. He succeeded in everything he did. My father, similar to these heroes, put others before himself. My sister never stops bettering her education, work, and homelife. She does this to give her children a great life. An absence in heroes proves our inability to see them in our everyday
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