What Role Does Creon Play In Antigone

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Antigone Antigone was wronged and Antigone is tragic hero because she wanted to get a proper grave site, Creon was her uncle, Antigone was the good one. Antigone wants her brother to be buried but her uncle wouldn’t let her. Her uncle Creon was a very mean man. Everyone should have a proper grave or be buried the right way with your family. Creon was the worst uncle ever. Creon did the meanest stuff any uncle can do to his family. Antigone has a special role in the family and she has particularly family right. Antigone commits subside because her Uncle Creon didn’t want to give him a proper grave. Antigone stands up for what she believes in. Antigone is stubborn so she always gets her way. It’s it will also get her in trouble a lot. Antigone
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