What Role Does Cultural Diversity Play In Patient Safety

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United States populations are different ethnic and cultural combined. Everyday a medical staffs will interact with a different ethnic group patient, however most patients don’t know that their cultural diversity plays an important role in their safety. Cultural diversity plays important role how doctor communication with patient, treatment method is safe for the patient, and what medication to prescribe the patient. All medical staff must learn how to interact with different ethnic group and also learn how to recognize a barrier safety problem. The Health care institute requires health care employees to use a population base data to contain information on specific ethnic group, religion, belief, values, and health treatment to help solve safety…show more content…
Native Indian has a higher percent of taking the drug lidocaine this can result in slightly or major side effect in the near future, Asian ethnic group will agree with the doctor even when they don’t fully comprehend what the person is saying and this can result in the doctor prescribing incorrect medication to the patient and lastly Hispanic ethnic group will have a higher chance of developing liver toxicity due to high quantity of drinking alcohol on regular base. This general cultural safety issues help healthcare staff to identify specific medication problem with each ethnic group and create a solution that will prevent a safety barrier by eliminating the problem and this also save lives by able to pinpoint the patient illness and give immediately prescribe medication that will help the patient feel
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