What Role Does Fate Play In Cassius's Fate

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Cassius’s Fate In the beginning of Act 5 in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare there were several things that occurred such as Cassius speaking about the bad omens before battle. This takes place when Cassius pulls Messala away from the other men and speaks about changes that may occur, as well as his birthday. In the passage regarding these changes it will cause to have a large impact on what will happen in the future. However, this passage shows the way that Cassius speaks showing a different side of him as being weak but also determined in the end. The passage has foreshadows along with important bad omens that catch Cassius attention. The day of the battle it's known that it’s an important day for Cassius and he grabs Messala to converse with him. Cassius states,”Messala, this is my birthday; as this very day was cassius born. Give thy hand, Messala: Be thou my witness that against my will (As Pompey was) am I compelled to set upon one battle all our liberties” (V.i.70-75). This shows that on the day of the battle it was Cassius’s birthday and that even though he doesn't want to fight he still has to attend it. Also, as Cassius grabs Messala’s hand it means that he doesn't have anything in his hands and no control of what will happen. In the next lines Cassius explains, “You…show more content…
Even though it was his birthday he chooses not to give up and to finish what was started. The foreshadow and bad omens that Cassius states provide a change that will occur during or after battle. Cassius changes the way he sees things such as the omens of the eagles and black birds bringing no good luck for Cassius, Brutus, and their armies, Throughout Act 5, Cassius begins to feel what will be destined for him, which will be his death. After all, Cassius tries his best to keep himself together regarding the omens that lead Antony and Octavius to take over after Brutus and him have
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