What Role Does God Play In The Decameron

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In the Consolation of Philosophy Boethius expresses the idea that God puts forth a plan and has it set in motion but let's fate play out the outcome of the plan. Chance on the other hand is defines as when one or multiple characters are unaware of an event that is going to happen until after it occurs.

In the first half of the book The DeCameron, God is usually mentioned as somehow playing a direct role in the events happening in each story while by the time of the second half it's more about the people dictacting the story's actions. Due to there being an absence of God playing a major role in dictating the course of each story by the second part of DeCameron, the role of who puts the plan in motion is filled in by the narrators of each story, which in the case of Day 10 Story9 is Dioneo.

The first paragraph of the story is spoken by the narrator in a providencial manner not only because it provides the bacakground of when the story is going to take place,when Dioneo describes the Christians as launching a great crusade around the time of Frederick I,
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An example of a chance event which significantly affects the story is when Saladin disguised as a merchant, comes across the area in which Torsello the crusader knight lived. Neither character had at that point been aware of each other's existence, nor had they been where they were expecting the event of the two meeting each other to occur. Had Saladin not encountered Torsello, and Torsello not decided to leave an impression on him, then the event in which Torsello was captured in Saladin's realm would have played out differently as Saladin would never have had the chance to recognize Torello as without Saladin noticing of Torello, Torello would have been kept prisoner without getting any help from
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