What Role Does Luck Play In The Life Of David Rameck

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Second, luck also played a role when it accompanied Rameck, which saved him after getting in trouble. One time Rameck did a prank on his biology teacher, but the offended teacher saved him in the end and kept him from being kicked out from school. This event was extremely lucky because this offended teacher unexpectedly exculpated Rameck. Accord to THE PACT, “Rameck never knew what changed her mind. But she didn’t file charges, and the superintendent lifted the suspension, allowing Rameck to return to school.(67)” From this quote, we can find out that this teacher almost effected Rameck life. Even though she was humiliated and furious during class, she still forgave Rameck with unknown reason. In this case, Rameck was incredibly lucky in this instance because he could avoid the consequence of his discourtesy.…show more content…
Another example of luck’s impact on Rameck’s life was the time he avoided an unfair judgement because the police lost the evidence. Rameck was arrested and assumed felony for interference with a police officer and possession of a deadly weapon. However, the reason of these declarations of crime was because of the “racial profiling”, which was a stereotype toward African American. Rameck was shocked because he couldn’t pass the medical licensing process with a felony. Nevertheless, luck rescued Rameck once again. As he said, “I couldn’t believe it, They lost the knife…...My mouth dropped open.God had rescued me once

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