What Role Does Privacy Play In Our Identity

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Willingness to seclude ourselves from the view and pressures of other people is essential for growth. Privacy is necessary for us to form our own identities apart from the many different environmental influences we are faced with. Because these influences are always changing, may they be direct or indirect, privacy cannot be limited to one specific type. We as humans need breathing room to determine our true identities. Every person is different. Therefore, no one process of growth and development is the same for everyone. Experiencing diverse cultures and other types of people allows us to determine who we are, and also the type of people we aspire to become. Gaining wisdom and maturity from these life experiences permits us to learning more about ourselves. Often we cannot be who we truly are under the pressures imposed on us by society, which is why privacy is so important in self-expression. Privacy is essential in determining sexual identity, developing self-esteem, and achieving self-actualization. Sexual identity plays a major role in defining ourselves. The process of determining…show more content…
The environment and society in with one lives directly affects how one may view him/her self and the level of confidence it ensues. Privacy allows us to escape the harsh pressures and develop an increased level of self-confidence. Privacy also eliminates the need for peer group acceptance and the desire to “fit in.” Self-confidence and high esteem are very important throughout the process of reaching a fulfilled life. Living a full, healthy life of confidence and internal beauty is often restricted by society. We may be affected psychologically by how others view our appearances, parental relationships, and other prevalent social issues such as racism, sexism, and homophobia. Escaping the unrealistic standards of society means diverging from anything that limits self-confidence and living a happy

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