What Role Does Reign Play In The 1500s

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I have found a television show that outshines all others. Reign is a show that has kept my attention whenever I have free time. It is loosely based on actual events in the 1500s. It shows how female power was viewed and the role in which women were forced to play in the time-period. It also has a love story that shows how imperfect relationships can be. Reign starts out before the Protestants rebel in France. Mary is under France’s protection from England. Mary has been engaged to their prince, Francis, since she was about six years old. King Henry dies leaving Mary and Francis to rule. King Francis dies a year later leaving his younger brother Charles to take his place with Queen Catherine as Regent. During all of this, the Protestants are rebelling against France and are revolting against the crown in Scotland. Though Reign has many historical aspects it also shows how women try to rise above the views men have of them. Mary and her ladies stand up for what they believe in. Queen Catherine stands up to the Catholic church to prove herself capable of running her country as Regent till her son, Charles, is of age. One of Mary’s ladies, Greer, was forced to provide for…show more content…
King Francis and Queen Mary made a lot of mistakes, yet they forgave each other in the long run. Francis, during a small break between him and Mary, bedded one of Mary’s ladies and closest friend, Lola. She ended up becoming pregnant with his child. Mary forgave them both. Francis had been distracted by the death of his father and pushed Mary away, and when the castle was attacked while he was away, Mary was raped. She blamed him and took comfort in his cousin. Francis hated it, but he wanted Mary to be happy. He endured it until she found her way back to him. They both endured a lot in their relationship, yet they believed in their love for one another. They believed in the passion and respect that was between
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