What Role Does Sexism Play In Rape Culture

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Selena Pierson January 15, 2017 Period 2 Rape in America In some cases America can be on top of it and justice can be presented, but not all cases are like that, especially when it comes to the role sexism plays in rape culture. Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused. Sexism is discrimination based on the sex of a person. Although, many rape cases are not prosecuted because they are hard to prove, most rape cases are dismissed as result of sexism in America. Sexism has always been an issue and that is because this is what society has taught us. At a young age, girls are taught that their bodies are dangerous and boys are rarely disciplined for objectifying…show more content…
They let out a video of the crew discussing whether the girl that had just been raped was dead or unconscious along with posting pictures of them carrying her unconscious body to a room. This incident happened in 2012 and was not addressed until 2013 as a way of protecting the school 's top athletes. In the article, "How a Victim-Blaming System Excuses Rape," Jen Roesch notes,"[a] woman 's body is used to sell everything from soap to cars. Both men and women are taught that women should be sexually available and that the value of a woman is measure by her sexual attractiveness". This was a big argument during the trial and although it was not dismissed, only two people were sentenced and it took a year to prosecute.It is true; women are more commonly identified as sex symbols but that is only because of what society teaches. This still is not a invitation to committing a crime. Consent comes a long way and with everyone, meaning no matter the situation, agreement must be indicated. It is obvious that if a person is unconscious, there is no consent. Men would know this is if they were punished at a young age for degrading women in simpler terms than rape or sexual assault and knew that violence is not condoned just because they…show more content…
In California, the state laws are very technical when it comes to rape. Just based off police reports, many are not even considered for entering a court room as a trial. There have been many complaints about this so there are books that provide a psychological standpoint for those who do not understand the law book. In this psychological book there is a myth set out to be that "women enjoy being raped" (LeGrand). The book insists that women know what they are doing by wearing certain clothes and that the male is the victim because he can not control his passion, emotions and urges (LeGrand). A woman cannot go to jail for wearing a certain dress but a man can for sexual assault, yet the man hardly ever goes to jail and the woman is held responsible for provoking assault. In any sexual assault case, women are both physically and mentally abused by their offender and the opinions of others. The eternal damage that comes along with being a raped victim leads to many disorders and like the actual rape case itself, is not taken seriously. A woman is much more affected than just "unwanted sex" that takes place and the

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