What Role Does Supernatural Play In Macbeth

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In Shakespeare 's play Macbeth, there is a clear role played by the supernatural. From the very first scene, we see three witches plotting Macbeth’s fate, discussing events that are yet to come. Throughout the play they use their power to manipulate Macbeth; it appears, for their own amusement. Over the course of the story, Macbeth’s actions are highly motivated by the supernatural. The witches clearly entice him with power and even antagonize him so they may bend him to their will; other supernatural forces even lull him into a false sense security with the twisted words of their prophecy. Despite the fact that Lady Macbeth plays a large role in influencing his actions, these facts clearly show that the supernatural almost entirely controls Macbeth. It is quite apparent that the three witches are the first to even suggest that Macbeth might gain King Duncan’s throne. Without their words to Macbeth in the first act of the play, it is likely that the idea of seizing power never would have occurred to him. Before his encounter Macbeth is regarded as a hero: “But all’s too weak; For brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name)” (Shakespeare 1.2 15-16). He is held in high…show more content…
Despite the large amount of evidence supporting the opinion that the supernatural controls Macbeth’s actions, some may argue that his wife, Lady Macbeth had a greater role in influencing his decisions. Her pressuring, at first glance, appears to be what causes him to begin his power seeking journey. “Glamis thou art, and Cawdor, and shalt be what thou art promised” (Shakespeare 1.5 12-13). Without reading too deep, this quote appears to simply show a wife bent on gaining her husband power. But if a reader becomes inclined to dig deeper, they can clearly see that she is only carrying out the witch 's prophecy. She is stating that she will do all she can do to gain the power the witches predicted her husband would achieve. The supernatural clearly causes her to pressure Macbeth into murdering
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