What Role Does Valjean Play In Cosette's Life

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After being an orphan, Cosette, was raised by Valjean by the demand of her mother. Valjean both helps and hinders Cosette as she blossoms into an adult. Although Valjean raised Cosette to be a respectful and caring young lady, Valjean does not let Cosette go out and see what the entire world has to offer. By shielding Cosette from society, Valjean equally helps and hinders her in many different ways in her adult life.
Valjean does not ever give Cosette any time for herself. There are many different reasons why Valjean does not want to ever be without Cosette. Valjean, after losing Cosette’s mother, is very lonely; he misses her mother and feels like he is not complete without Cosette around. Valjean always wants to make sure that Cosette is safe because he does not want to lose her like he did her mother. Valjean always has to be right by Cosette’s side, he wants to have complete control over what she does in her life. By not giving Cosette time for her, Valjean, tried to control every little thing Cosette did in her life and that hindered her as she grew into adulthood.
Throughout Cosette’s life, Valjean raised her to be a respectful, caring, and always grateful for what she has. Valjean first had Cosette enrolled in a convent, then later on in her life, Cosette wanted to move away and appreciate
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Cosette relies solely on Valjean because he was the person who took care of her pleasantly when no one else would. As a result, Cosette listens to everything Valjean tells her and she respects him as a person. Although Valjean did it out of love, he greatly hindered Cosette by locking her away from society, but he also aided her in her adult years because she knew not to take advantage of what she has and to always be

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