What Role Should Government Play In Aiding The Uninsured Essay

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Should the government play a key role in aiding the uninsured, or should market forces reign supreme? I believe the government needs to play a key role in aiding the uninsured. Our country's core value is “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” I believe healthcare is applied to this core value with governments helping insure United States citizens. The United States government is already very involved with insurance with Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is already the second largest provider for insurance, covering 43.5 million in 2013. If Medicare and Medicaid was not available it would leave millions insured. If these millions had no insurance it would likely lead countless health problems in United States.These programs are specifically targeted to individuals who have no access to insurance or can not afford insurances. Market forces want to provide health care, but to me the main purpose is more profit based If market forces are running insurances they are likely to put their money first and then provide health care. Affordable health care for those may not really be affordable and if the insurance is affordable its coverage may not be…show more content…
Medicare is funded by taxpayers, with money coming out of each paycheck, social security benefits. I believe this is effective as of right now, but I do not believe that by the time I turn 65 medicare will be running effectively. Medicaid is funded by state and federal governments. With states covering over half the cost. I believe funding programs and organizations that help provide care and inform our citizens is a great resource it will lead to less costs of healthcare for care that could have been avoided. I believe that is our duties as citizens to help those less fortunate and help care for our fellow citizens. Therefore, this may require that we have to pay more taxes in order to provide for

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