What Sections Of The Book Are Most Persuasive And Powerful?

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3. What sections of the book are most persuasive and powerful? I feel like the middle and end are most powerful. Each character was trying to tell their story, in hopes of gaining a patient ear. For example, even though it was hard for grandma and grandpa to come out and express their feelings, they still did it in the form of letters. It really showed how the characters were evolving and beginning to see things with more understanding, especially Oskar. He forgave his mother after learning the truth that she has always been supporting him. Grandma decided to give grandpa another chance because she wanted to see the hope and good in life again. 4. Which sections of the book are less persuasive or ineffective? I felt like beginning was slow and it was hard to grasp with how the story was formatted. The chapters switched between the three narrators: Oskar, grandma, and grandpa. Since the grandparents’ told everything in letters, all of what they said happened in the past, thus making it hard for the story to progress quickly. 5.…show more content…
What are some other strengths and weaknesses of the text? The author expresses a lot of the speech between characters as quotations one after another without saying who said it so at times, it was difficult to follow who said what. You really had to focus on who’s in the conversation and where the conversation is taking place. 6. Are there perspectives, facts, circumstances, etc. that the writer could consider more thoroughly that challenge or complicate the central argument of the
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