What Suffering Do: The Pursuit Of Achieving Happiness

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Another vital phase in the process of achieving happiness involves pushing yourself beyond your limits. Allowing your limit may be broken helps to understand yourself. Refusing to push yourself in life can cause individuals to waste a perfectly good life. When individuals break their limits they become adventurous and attempt new things they escape their comfort zone. Although it may seem challenging, the human body is stronger than we assumed. It is impossible for someone to discover happiness if they live a constant lifestyle without modification. An additional essential period in is understanding that money cannot buy happiness. Although money is a great gadget to have throughout life, too much of it can result in negative effect. The possession of money does not supply people with an authentic sense of achievement. During the pursuit for riches, individuals can somethings fails to realize that money cannot buy you happiness because you will never…show more content…
A Columnist for the New York Times, and a Commentator for the PBS News Hour David Brooks, persuasively reminds us in his essay What Suffering Does, our primary goal as humans is to maximize happiness. Individuals who encounter suffering explore beneath the course of life and discover that that are not exactly what they envisioned themselves to be (567). However, it comes down to the individual as to how they deal with it. While some wallow in the misery and use it as a crutch. Others move past it and expand their lives to pursue their passion, which is a sympathy tool towards happiness. Happiness allows humans to appreciate what they have, however, possessions will not bring you joy or even compare. When you concentrate on people, you are able to appreciate the tiny valuable moments in everyday life. Sometimes even bad experiences can develop a respectable
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