What The Doctor Said By Raymond Carver Summary

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Raymond Carver was an American short-story writer and poet whose reasonable writings about the working poor reflected his own life. Carver was the child of a sawmill laborer. He wedded a year in the wake of completing secondary school and supported his wife and two kids by filling in as a janitor. He turned out to be truly intrigued by a writing career in the wake of taking a creative-writing course at Chico State College in 1958 (Sklenicka, 2009). Amid the 1960 's Carver endeavored to win cash for which he even filled in as a janitor at a hospital. He would carry out his job alongside writing his stories in his available time. At Sacramento State College, he found the opportunity of meeting the poet Dennis Schmitz who turned into a decent companion. Schmitz helped Carver distribute his first book of poem named 'Near Klamath '. Carver met Tess Gallagher, a poet, at a gathering; a meeting which later swung to love and afterward marriage in 1988. Carver died six weeks after his wedding because of lung cancer (Sklenicka, 2009). There can be different themes in Carver 's poem “What the Doctor Said” I surmise that one of the most fascinating include human connections and the investigation of death. The route in which connections shape is a critical theme in the poem. The poem offers an examination of the relationship that exists between human beings. Carver 's poem brings out how there are ties that dilemma every single human being. The relationship shared between the doctor and

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