What Thing Is Love George Peele Analysis

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What Thing Is Love, written by George Peele, is a poem in which the true meaning of love is questioned by the persona. The theme of unrequited love plays a significant role in the poem, which can be seen through the poet’s usage of meter, rhyme scheme, metaphor and personification The meter used in the poem is one of the ways George Peele expresses the theme of unrequited love. In the beginning of the poem, iambic pentameter is the metrical feet used. For example, the line ‘what thing is love-for sure love is a thing’ is written in iambic pentameter. The use of iambic pentameter in poetry is usually to signify grand emotions. The poet’s use of iambic pentameter when questioning the meaning of love in the first line suggests that love is a grand, positive emotion. However, as the poem progresses, the metrical feet used also changes to iambic tetrameter. For example, the line ‘it is a fire, it is a coal’ is written in iambic tetrameter. By downsizing the metrical feet in the poem, the poet suggests that love often falls short of expectations, especially when unrequited. In conclusion, the reduction of metrical feet from iambic pentameter to iambic tetrameter expresses the theme of unrequited love by showing that it is possible…show more content…
In the poem, the rhyme scheme is inconsistent, in that it follows a pattern of AAABBCCDD. In poetry, a constant rhyme scheme is used to show consistency of a subject. By choosing to not conform to a fixed rhyme scheme, George Peele implies that love is something that is inconsistent. When examined at surface level, love appears to be something wholesome and good. However, there are darker aspects to love, such as unrequited love that can cause pain and ‘make such holes into our hearts’. This unrequited love can be seen in the poet’s choice to deviate from a regular rhyme scheme which gives the reader a clearer idea on what the persona’s impression of love
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