What Was Apollo 13 Failure

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The introduction into the space program took ahold of the world throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. With Apollo 11 making it to the moon, anything seemed possible. Although following missions made going to the moon seem routine, Apollo 13 was named the successful failure. Even with everything that went wrong, the teamwork and the leadership used to finish the mission ultimately got the pilots home safely. The program was the third planned to land men on the moon and the seventh manned mission to space. The team was comprised of James Lovell Jr. as the acting commander, John Swigert Jr. as a pilot, and Fred Haise Jr. as the Lunar Module pilot. This team was confident in going to the moon and was determined not to let anything stop them. When one of their team members got sick less than a week before the launch, Swigert stepped up from the backup team. The team had been working together for months and the loss of a curtail member caused a tension and lack of trust in the team. This was the first of many mistakes made during the mission.…show more content…
After the attachment of the Lm, a large explosion erupted and the whole module was sent spinning which caused a misdirection of their course. Immediately NASA’s ground team and the piolets worked together as a team and were able to find the problem and conclude what was needed to stop the out of control spinning. Unfortunately with this explosion, it caused enough oxygen leakage that the landing on the moon was scrubbed. Resulting in a great disappointment on the team, it affected their
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