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How did Christopher Columbus leave a Legacy and be a leader? Christopher Columbus would be the first Englishman to ever reach the New World. Columbus sailed from Europe to America going across the Atlantic Ocean, hoping to find another path way to Asia. Fortunately, Columbus arrived at the shores of the New World. Ever since Columbus discovered the New World the course of history changed. This was the beginning of the development of The United States of America. Christopher Columbus’s left a Legacy and was leader because of his achievements, his discovery of the Americas, and the characteristics and skills of Columbus.

Indeed,one things that makes Columbus a leader and legacy are his achievements. Christopher Columbus had, “to draw up a nautical
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One of the most common leader characteristics was “Columbus had Vision” (Jeffrey Meyers). The characteristic of vision allowed Columbus to see the world differently than others. Columbus’ vision led him to thinking the world was round, unlike others thought, and then he would soon find that there was much more to discover than the Europeans thought. Columbus’ vision of being able to get to Asia sailing West led to him finding the Americas. Also, “Columbus was willing to take risks” (Jeffrey Meyers). Columbus took the risk of going into the unknown, The West. If Columbus weren’t persistent to explore what lies to the West he would’ve never discovered the Americas. Columbus’ persistence of wanting to explore the West led to America being discovered later in history. Lastly,”Columbus was flexible and was able to adapt to harsh surroundings”(Jeffrey Meyers). Columbus had to adapt to the Americas and was powerful enough to lead voyages and be a state leader. His leadership and toughness was a big part of being a leader and leaving his legacy. Columbus’ toughness and great leadership had led him to being able to discover the

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