What Was Elie's Purpose In The Book Night

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Elie’s Permuting Purpose The novel Night is the personal tale of Elie Wiesel as a Jew during the holocaust. Night shows the changes someone can go through during extreme times in their life. Elie Wiesel at the beginning of the novel was only twelve years old, and full of innocence living in Sighet, Transylvania. After Elie’s teacher is taken away by the Hungarians, he returns months later to tell the other Jews about how the Gestapo made Jews dig their own graves and the police executed them there, but he escaped, but none of the other Jews believed him. Three years later the Nazis occupied Hungary and soon took over Sighet, forcing all Jews into ghettos, and eventually moving Elie and his family into cattle cars on trains, heading for Birkenau. Through Elie’s struggles, he and other characters search for their purpose in life. Elie will eventually find his purpose, but it will be different from what he thought his purpose was, but other characters will fail to find their purpose. In the beginning, Elie believed his purpose was not to remain alone and to be with his father for as long as he could, “My hand tightened its grip on my father. All I could think of was not to lose him. Not to remain alone.” (30) Elie tried everything to be with his father, at one…show more content…
Akiba was a man in the camp with Elie and his father. Akiba started to lose his faith, believing that God was no longer with them. He was so pessimistic that he knew he would not pass the selection so he said, “In three days, I’ll be gone… Say Kaddish for me.” (77) (Kaddish is the prayer to mourn) Since Akiba could not find his own purpose, he gave up, which ultimately led to his death. Keeping your faith in the camps allowed many of the Jews to keep going. Even though Elie might have lost his faith, he did not lose his will to find his purpose, and his will to live. Elie was destined to keep surviving which separated him from Akiba Drumer in the
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