What Was Hitler's Propaganda

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Two years does not seem like much time for something to happen in government, but Hitler and his Nazi party were able to establish a dictatorship in under this amount of time. Hitler used many smart and convincing strategies to gain his power. Hitler 's propaganda was like a virus that tainted the German people 's mind, and the population was amaurotic to what Hitler 's and the Nazis where actually doing. They wereThe Nazis’ rise to power enabled Hitler to establish a dictatorship by eliminating adversaries and using careful propaganda to influence the German people, convincing them that the Nazis and Hitler should control not only the nation, but the entire world. After fighting for Germany in WWI, Hitler used powerful speeches…show more content…
With Hitler, the depression, and the failure of the German government, the Nazi party was able to obtain control and convince all of Germany to hate the Jews. The Nazi Party didn 't have success in the mid 1920s but after the Wall Street crash and the depression more Germans listened to them and they began to grow (McGill). In 1930 there were 6 million Germans who were unemployed and the Social Democratic government couldn 't pay unemployment benefits, so people started to focus on the Nazis (Christie). The economy was obliterated and Germans didn 't have confidence in their government. They began to listen to Nazi propaganda (Christie). Because freedom of speech was allowed in the German Constitution, the Nazi Party was able to spread propaganda and their views to the German people (Christie). The Nazis used propaganda and claimed that Germany had been “stabbed in the back” in the Treaty of Versailles and WWI. They blamed these on the German politicians (Christie). France occupied part of Germany because they could not pay reparations and were issued sanctions, so more and more Germans sided with the Nazis (Christie). The Nazi Party said they would make “a new kind of foreign policy that Germans could be proud of again,” (Christie). After 1928, Hindenburg (German president at the time) hired “progressively right wing chancellors.” These people helped the Nazis’ rise to power (Christie). Hitler 's rise to power showed how much people will support someone if that person promises them something materialistic; Hitler promised them a sophisticated economy and government and they went along with him and
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