The Importance Of Mussolini's Rise To Power

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The unstable governments of the past years had Italy yearning for a strong leader, and when it was needed the most Mussolini stood up and took that role. Mussolini was the dictator of fascist Italy, and his ways of getting to that point were extremely efficient. With the help of his Blackshirts and a charismatic personality he worked his way up to total power. Italy was never planning to join the war, the liberal democratic government was against it at the time. Splinter groups like the one Mussolini was a part of wanted to join the war on the side of the Entente. They did end up joining the war due to a promise made by the British that Italy would gain territory in the Adriatic sea region, which was never fulfilled. The fact that it was never fulfilled lead to a lot of angry soldiers, which felt like they had fought for nothing. During this time the Fascist party became relevant as they gained support from the returning soldiers, and eventually gained seats in the parliament in 1919. Socialist worker uprisings in northern Italy made most of the citizens fear a communist revolution mirroring the recent Bolshevik revolution. Mussolini's fascist made use of these feelings,…show more content…
From getting kicked out of the Socialist party to being the absolute dictator of Italy in just a few years. The techniques he used were quite brutal, but efficient. With the help of his militia the Blackshirts, he put down any opposition and gained support by shutting down peasant uprisings and taking the side of the middle class land owners. Him and his Blackshirts marched on Rome, claiming power of the important buildings of the capital. He publicly supported the king which led to Mussolini being appointed prime minister when the democracy fell apart, which gave him the ability to pass laws which gave the Fascists more and more power as the time grew on. Eventually all opposition was completely banned, which finalised the consolidation of
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