What Was The Causes Of The 13 Colonies In The 16th Century

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Does the rebellion of England 13 colonies can be found in the 16th century? The thirteen colonies initially was the most ideal way to start a new country for the England’s. But tragic events political and economic occurred in England by 16th century that give different directions on how the 13 colonies they would be to act. Several impositions were added the taxes levied to the colonies, the exemption of taxes from those of trading companies, the restriction of trade, and the different wars. Influenced to the colonies to start the rebellion. Although the truth reality here is the roots of the rebellion of the 13 colonies start from the beginning of the establishment of colonies. According to the lecture 10, “in 1660 through the first series of Navigation Acts, the English parliament sets the rules for how the people in the 13 colonies would live their lives”. This was one of the reasons of the rebellion of the 13 colonies, because the colonies they want to have they own rules and live their lives according to the rules that favoring each colony no only England. The acts that created the parliament was only to benefit England, because specify how the colonies behave between them and the mother land. The colonies beginning to get tired of the England rules and they want a change. The lecture 10 mention, “the idea of iron central control was becoming archaic. The rebellion led by a disgruntled member of the gentry occurred in Virginia in 1676. ". Rebellion of the colonies was
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