What Was The Conflict In Ender's Game

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Ender’s Game by: “Orson Scott Card.” The conflict that I found most interesting in Ender’s Game was, Ender v’s Ender. Ender had many problems, one of his main problems was he did not want to kill anyone. Ender was a great leader, but being a great leader had its consequences. The whole conflict would affect Ender in how well he will do in battle school. Ender never wanted to kill anyone. If Ender did harm someone he would go into a depression. When Ender did the bugger simulation, after he killed the whole plant of buggers, Ender began to think if he had done the right thing. They have not told him that it is fake, so Ender goes into panic. After all this Ender went away for a good amount of time to a rusty house on the lake. After a while
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