What Was The Effect Of Dehumanization In Night

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Dehumanization: The act of stripping someone from everything they know, love, and live for. Leaving them with no purpose to exist. The effect of dehumanization on a person is horrible, and a major violation to the personal rights of humans. In Night on page 65, it states that Elie was bent over a box and whipped twenty five times by their Kapo Idek. That is in direct violation of the fifth article of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That particular article states “ No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” “ A-7713!” I came forward. “ A box!” he ordered. They brought him a box. “ Lie down on it! On your stomach!” I obeyed. Then I was aware of nothing but the strokes of the whip. “ One...two…,” he counted. He took his time between each stroke. Only the first ones really hurt me. I could hear him counting: “Ten ...eleven…” His voice was calm and reached me as through a thick wall. “Twenty-three…” Two more, I thought, half conscious. The Kapo waited. “ Twenty- four… twenty-five!” ( Wiesel, 65).…show more content…
“ An SS non-commissioned officer came to meet us, a truncheon in his hand. He gave the order: “ Men to the left! Women to the right!” Eight words spoken quietly, indifferently, without emotion. Eight short, simple words. Yet that was the moment i parted from my mother.” (
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