What Was The Fourth Of July Analysis

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All over the United States, there is only one day of the year where massive colorful fireworks appear across the sky, the smell of grilling hot dogs and burgers fills the air, and even the grocery stores become a mess of red, white, and blue. At any Independence Day event, from cookouts to parades, it becomes clear how the United States views its revolution. The Fourth of July is a celebration of freedom, equality, and most of all, the opportunity that comes with living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Most people attribute this opportunity to the American Revolution, when the people took a stand against their oppressors to become free. But however little social mobility there was before the revolution, eliminating British rule hardly helped the problem and many people were in the same situation they were in before, and due to the economic turmoil that came with the revolution, many were much worse off. The American Revolution may have brought forth a new government, but it had an overall negative effect on the lower class until then. Before the…show more content…
The post-revolutionary war time was no different regarding class structure, and many people were in just as bad of a position as they were before. Fortunately, after a central government was established, the states slowly became more unified. The Bill of Rights ensured the people basic liberties, and the system of checks and balances prevented any one group from taking over the government. While the years after the American Revolution was difficult, the country that emerged from it is what was important in the end. After the members of the upper class acknowledged and addressed the problems facing the lower class, even if only to prevent further rebellion, everything began to improve. Though the problem may never have gone away fully, the most important thing is taking steps in the right
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