What Was The Impact Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Writers and poets don’t just spring out of the ground and thrive, they go through hardships and fails to get to where they are or end up. Edgar Allan Poe, a truly mysterious man , was a poet,novelist, and writer born on January 19, 1809. He was an accomplished poet, wrote mysteries, horror stories, fictional pieces, and was called the Father of the Detective Story. Edgar Allan Poe was orphaned when he was three due to his parents death. This impacted him both negatively and positively. It was negative because being so young when he was orphaned, he had to miss out on enjoying the customary lifestyle of having a mother and father with you. It was positive because he probably did not quite understand what would happen. He did end up being adopted by the Allan family and started to write poetry when he was around 13 years old.…show more content…
When he went to his first university, he ended up in a lot of debt and resorted to gambling. This made him have to drop out. When he enrolled in his second university, he strived to do better and excelled in writing. Edgar Allan Poe was grateful to be brought in by the Allan family. It provided him with hope for a brighter future.Edgar Allan Poe grew up in Boston for 3 years, but was later moved to Richmond, Virginia for the rest of his life. He was poor for his whole life. This was up until he became a well-known writer/poet. Edgar’s pieces were mysterious, intense, and horrifying. It is said that he wrote stories like these so that he would not go
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