What Was The Impact Of Fashion In The 1920's

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1920s fashion
The 1920’s also famously known as “The Roaring 20’s” was filled with many positive and negative things that have had a strong impact on the society in that time period. From the “Great Gatsby” like parties, with the swing dancing, and the big rise in the stock market, to the abolishment of distributing alcohol, the 20’s were glamorous times. There were new innovated and some might say “scandalous” styles in the fashion.
One of the biggest events that impacted society and the fashion in the 20’s was that women were granted the right to vote. Women gaining the right to vote was empowering for them, and made a drastic change in society and even in the fashion at the time. Another thing that was major in the 20’s was the Volstead
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Their clothes were considered “scandalous” with the short dresses and the fringe. “Hats, shoes, stockings, handbags, dresses and jewelry all came together in perfect harmony to create a unique and elegant style that can only be appreciated when seen in real-life or in color illustrations” written in the 1920-30.com’s The 1920’s women's fashion: free from corsets. The style was known as “Flapper” the dresses were short and straight, they didn’t show off the curves of a women the were flat. The dresses were knee lengthed and covered in fringe that swayed when the wearer of the dress would swing dance at a party. The dresses were considered ¨flashy¨ from all the glitz and glam of the dresses and the makeup that created the ¨Flapper” look The hair was styled in a short ear length bob. And the women began to wear makeup, usually only movie stars and whores wore makeup in these times that’s why it was considered “scandalous” and “rebellious” to be scene with makeup. The makeup would usually be heavy dark eyes, and dark lips. The jewelry would be long pearl necklaces and long elbow length gloves and lots of rings to show off
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